Rabbit Rangers is a shooting defense block chain Play to Earn game of heroes who are destined to defeat monsters and safely defend the world of Rabbit.

Users receive new characters randomly from the Rabbit Universe and start a defense adventure with Heroes. Every time you clear a mission to defeat monsters in Rabbit Rangers, users can get WUT tokens as a reward. And you can convert WUT tokens into revenue by trading them on exchanges and DEXs.

About Game

Rabbit Rangers (World Universe Token) Rabbit Rangers (WUT) game is a shooting defense play to earn game powered by NFTS and blockchain.

You can get token rewards by clearing the stage more stably while fighting moles and collecting items.

You have to go through 8 stages each in the jungle, ice age, and volcanic places while exterminating moles with an attacking team of laser, fire, and ice.

Shooting Defense Play to Earn
3 Type Stage Dynamic Maps
3 Select Weapons Upgrade levels
Eco System The Rabbit Rangers are on a new and exciting journey. We believe that Play to Earn is not simply about making money through play, but about building a self-sustaining ecosystem through cooperation with all members of the ecosystem. We aim to create a world where all actors (developers, investors, users, etc.) participating in the ecosystem share the profits. We are developing games with the goal of making profits as much as we contribute to the ecosystem, and the profits are returned to the ecosystem and distributed.
Rangers Character

The superheroes of the Rabbit Universe are Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Mind. Attacks of unknown monsters occur simultaneously in the peaceful Rabbit Universe. As the monster's attacks level up, the superhero's fight becomes more and more difficult.

The hero of the mind control of the rabbit universe. Holomind of mind technology is a technology that induces chaos and suffocation in monsters.

The hero of the fire of the rabbit universe. Flame cannons that receive the energy of fire have formidable power.

The hero of the land of the rabbit universe. He had the power of seismic waves that received the energy of the earth.

The hero of the wind of the rabbit universe. The typhoon skill that received the energy of the wind is strong enough to blow away all monsters.

The hero of the water of the rabbit universe. A tsunami technique that receives the energy of water is a technique that drowns monsters.

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